St. Patrick's Cemetery

1516 Ashland Clinton School Road

Hockessin, DE 19707

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

          In verdant pastures he gives me repose.

                                                                   (Psalm 23:1-2)

St. Patrick’s Cemetery is the Parish Cemetery of St. Mary of the Assumption Church in Hockessin. Established in 1868, the cemetery is located on six acres near the picturesque Ashland Nature Preserve. It is named for the original St. Patrick’s Church which was built in 1860. Our Parish Committee operates and lovingly cares for the cemetery. We invite you to consider the many options we offer to celebrate and remember a life.

The custom of visiting the cemetery and praying for the dead can be traced to the women who returned to the tomb of Jesus that Easter morning to mourn and complete the preparation of His body for burial. Then and there they discovered that He had been raised from the dead. Today, our visits to the cemetery are prompted by our love and faith. We come to remember, to mourn, to give thanks for the life that our beloved shared with us, to pray, and to strengthen our belief that one day we will be united with our beloved in Eternal Life.

Dear Parishioners,

     We are very blessed to have a vibrant and active parish that strives to meet the spiritual needs of our diverse flock. I am grateful to the staff and the many volunteers that contribute their time and share their talents.

      We have one fantastic blessing that I feel is not very well known, and that is Saint Patrick’s Cemetery. We are very fortunate to have our own parish cemetery located in an idyllic setting.

      Saint Patrick’s Cemetery allows us to support our parishioners in a very real and concrete manner in their time of loss and sorrow.

     I invite all of you to pay a visit to our cemetery and say a prayer for all who are buried there. I also urge all of you to consider purchasing a plot for yourself and your loved ones.

     May the Risen Lord be with you and your families.

     Sincerely yours in Christ,



     Reverend Charles C. Dillingham


For Your Consideration:

  • Parish cemetery for use by parishioners and their families

  • Beautiful, serene location

  • Parish Manager and staff to assist you through each phase of your decision-making

  • Several monument options available  (including above-ground)

  • Single- and double-depth graves

  • Cremated remains interred in accordance with Catholic doctrine

  • Pre-planning and purchase of your cemetery plot is a cost-effective option we  encourage. Relocating due to retirement or career change?  No need for worry. Your plots will be bought back from you at your request.


Dan Di Giacobbe

St. Mary of the Assumption Church

302-239-7100, Ext. 11

Grave Plot Pricing

Single Grave 
Double Grave
Double Depth Grave (including vault)
Cremorial Niche
Second Right of Burial
$  1,500​
$  3,000
$  3,800
$      950
$      550
Pricing does not include opening and closing fees

Opening and Closing Fees

Opening & Closing (single depth)
Opening & Closing (double depth)
Opening & Closing for Cremation
Infant Burials
Cremorial Niche Openings
$  1,350
$  1,900
$      700
$      250
$      275 


$  1,750
$  2,300
$  1,100
$      450
$      675 


St. Patrick Cemetery requires two full working days' notice, year round, for all grave openings. Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays are not considered working days. (Example: For a Monday burial, the Cemetery needs to be notified no later than 4:00pm on the preceding Wednesday.)


A copy of the burial certificate or certificate of cremation is required on, or prior to, the date of interment.

For Monument Dealers

The parish cemetery coordinator must first approve the installation of all monuments, markers, foundations, and structures. The installation of all monuments and foundations are to be at the plot holder's expense. Any monument installed without permit will be removed at monument dealer's cost. Please call the parish office with any questions: 302-239-7100. Please print and complete the monument permit form.

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