Pastoral Council
The St. Mary's Pastoral Council is composed of both elected and appointed members of the parish. They function as the voice of the parishioners in regards to programs needed for the spiritual good of the parish. They advise the Pastor on these matters and assess the effectiveness of present programs and/or new programs.


Special Appointed Members

Dennis Fish (All Saints Catholic School)

Margaret Fish (All Saints Catholic School)

Robert Boyd

Elise Maloney (Wilmington Young Catholic Adults (WilCYA)

Executive Committee
Fr. Charles Dillingham

Linda Natali

Bill Foley 

Frank Morris

Elected Members

Linda Natali (Executive Officer)

Michele Alexander

John Baldo

Noreen Constantine

Joan Giles

Paula Kelly

Michael McDonnell

Frank Morris

Paulette Nacchia

William Raiford

Melissa Rufo

Judy Thompson

Finance Council

The Pastor appoints the Finance Council members, and the Pastoral Council gives approval of membership. The Finance Council advises the Pastor on the care and use of parish funds.


Michael Alexander

Bill Foley

Rusty Giles

Susan Lillard

Jeff Mitchell 

Judy Safranski

Ex-Officio Members

Fr. Charles Dillingham

Deacon Larry Brecht

Denise Troise

Ray Babiarz



Refresh is a parish-wide initiative to enhance and grow the spiritual life of parishioners and visitors, with goals to build community and increase both engagement and membership.  Based on input from nearly 500 parishioners (survey and interviews) and benchmarking with parishes that are growing, the Refresh project launched in April 2017.  Contact our Refresh Team

Key Accomplishments to date include:

  • New Sunday evening Mass with stable attendance of about 140

  • Added handicap seating in the Church, and two benches at the front entrance

  • Received a grant to fund additional handicap access modifications this Summer

  • “St. Mary’s Day” at the Blue Rocks’ baseball game, attended by 80 people

  • Parish picnic, first in eleven years, attended by over 300 people

  • “Faith through the Stained-Glass Windows” - six sessions offered AM & PM

  • Managing the parish Facebook page to improve communication

  • Leveraging email communications among family oriented organizations: All Saints Catholic School, St. Mary’s Preschool, PREP, and Knights of Columbus

  • Flocknote, a parish communication tool, with over 1,000 parishioners enrolled to receive either email or text messages

  • Enhanced wireless microphone transmitters/receivers for the main Church

  • Christmas gift book given to 1,100 households attending Christmas Masses

  • NEW Parish Website, SMACHURCH.COM, with new features, including:

* Clergy & staff bios and photos

* Dynamic list of upcoming events

* Timely photos of parish activities

* Ministry descriptions and contact links

* Faith enrichment resources

* Electronic forms for registration and volunteering, including:  New Parishioners, Weddings,  PREP classes, Church Camp, Youth Athletics, Community Outreach and Parish Events

  • 1-day Women’s Retreat attended by 115 women of all ages

  • Welcoming new parishioners via personal phone contact to explore interests

  • 8-week History of the Bible Program offered AM & PM with 108 participants

  • 6-week Easter program: The Passion and Resurrection Narratives of Jesus

  • Conversion of Parish email system to G-Suite for Non-profits

Plans for 2nd Year

  • “St. Mary’s Day” at the Blue Rocks’ baseball game, in August

  • Parish Picnic on September 9th

  • Electronic and online payments for contributions and registrations

  • Improved access by eliminating the curbing in front of the Church

  • Upgraded automatic doors for handicap access

  • Three, multi-week, Adult Faith programs: Fall, Winter, Spring

  • Family Christmas Festival in latter half of December

  • Christmas Gift Book distribution

  • 2nd Women’s Retreat – January 26, 2019

  • Family Game Night (e.g., Bingo)

  • On-line parish directory

  • Welcome Package for new parishioners

  • Several additional “in-progress” family program ideas

Thank You !

Our Refresh Team would like to thank Fr. Dillingham and all of the clergy and staff at St. Mary’s who have worked side by side with our team. And thank you to the many volunteers who have helped to make our events a success. We look forward to continuing our efforts as we plan for our second year. Won’t You Join Us?

Anyone who would like to join the Refresh effort, is encouraged to send an email to:

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