God has called each of us by name and invites us to join Him in building His Kingdom on earth. While there is no exact blueprint, we are each richly blessed by God with gifts to share so that we might do our part to realize His grand plan for us, and our brothers and sisters in Christ.

     St. Mary's serves as our home for worship, while at the same time being so much more. It is also home to outreach, education, spirituality, and community.  St. Mary’s depends on us to invest our gifts of time, talent and treasure to support these ministries in the work of building the Kingdom.


     By sharing your gifts with our parish, you not only affirm your Gospel commitment to build the Kingdom of God here in Hockessin, but you are also bearing witness that our parish is a place of love and charity, where gifts are not only shared, but multiplied.  May God richly bless you for sharing your gifts so freely.

Reverend Charles C. Dillingham, Pastor 

Beautiful Savior/SMA Choir - Unknown Artist
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